Bombril Divas Campaign

For Bombril, every Brazilian is a Diva.

Bombril has released its new campaign in 2015 and took advantage to revitalize its digital and content strategy. With exclusive vídeos anda pp to estimulate people to honor their divas, the digital strategy had as guideline the promise delivering “Every Brazilian is a diva”. We have returned and customized segments of differentiated content for each broadcaster, such as the competition “Mulheres que Brilha, Divas do Brasil” (Shining Women, Brazil’s Diva) with Raul Gil, at SBT, “Divas que Inspiram” (Inspiring Divas) with Ronnie Von, at TV Gazeta, “Momento Bombril” (Bombril Time), at Luciana By Night, “Na mira das Divas” (At Diva’s target) at Chega Mais and “Diva Pop” (Pop Diva) at Super Pop, at Rede TV!, among others. Yet in content, we have released new seasons of the brand’s owner webseries, such as Jornal 1001 Utilidades, with Dani Calabreza and Carlinhos Moreno and the Vlog Virozzi, with Mônica Iozzi. At Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, a special action played with the view of foreign people about Brazil’s Divas - “O Gringo Viu”. With happiness, good humor and Brazility always present, Bombril comes, year after year, engaging more and more with brand’s consumers.

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