Free publication in bilingual edition (Portuguese and English) brings the thoughts of 41 entrepreneurs, managers and experts from different areas on the impact of the pandemic in society

JUN | 2020

Free publication in bilingual edition (Portuguese and English) brings the thoughts of 41 entrepreneurs, managers and experts from different areas on the impact of the pandemic in society

Repense, an independent Brazilian agency led by partners Otávio Dias and Luna Gutierres, has just launched the collaborative e-Book "Reflexões sobre os Impactos da Pandemia na Sociedade." Available for free in bilingual edition (Portuguese and English) for download on the agency's website, 41 specialists are part of the e-Book, among Brazilians, Americans and English, from different areas (Education, Technology, Communication and Creativity, Health, Urbanism, among others).

"The idea of making a collaborative book, complementing the traditional studies that have been done by some research institutes, is precisely to bring a more qualitative and humanized reading of the whole scenario, strengthening the feeling of collectivity that has been ignited even more strongly in recent months. The purpose of the e-Book is to share thoughts, reflections, and feelings that inspire and comfort people and companies in this new world that is emerging," says Otavio Dias, partner and CEO of Repense. 

"Listening to so many different stories on the same subject, it is impossible not to broaden our own repertoire, building an even more plural and profound point of view on the current moment," adds Luna Gutierres, partner and VP of Repense's Care and Planning. 

Professor Emerson de Almeida, founder of Fundação Dom Cabral, highlights, in one of the passages of his reflection, the values that recognize human limitation. "Words in disuse, almost forgotten, gained strength in people's consciousness. Humility, solidarity and compassion among them. The gestures and acts present at this moment seem to indicate recognition of our limitations and fragility," he points out.

"We have a huge opportunity to resignify purpose, to put people and the world definitely at the center of our attention. Technology, innovation, education, science and humanity will be the great vectors of transformation of this new tomorrow, which can be even better," comments Gustavo Genari, CEO of FIAP, in part of his analysis. 

"The times of Covid 19 accelerated the Post-normal times. An intermediate period that old ideas disappear, new ones have to be born and few seem to make sense. Welcome to Society 5.0, the Society of imagination and H2H (human to human) that puts the Human Being at the center of everything with its Ss (science, society and spirituality)," points out the professor, writer and innovator Gil Giardelli, in his e-Book excerpt. 

"We see an increase in self-awareness – mindfulness – in our own health and well-being, among individuals. Perhaps a movement to 'look at oneself' rather than the world of Instagram 'look at me' or 'look at the person I feel I should be. That wouldn't be bad," says Julian Boulding, co-founder of Thenetworkone, an international network that connects independent agencies from over 100 countries, in one of the book's excerpts.

The e-Book contributors are Ana Carla Fonseca, Dr. Ana Escobar, Ana Luisa de Almeida, Andrea Bisker, Andre Almada, Alexandre Ravagnani, Alejandro Pinedo, Alexandre Sayad, Beia Carvalho, Betty Wainstock, Carlos Sambrana, Carlos Piazza, Carlos Ferreirinha, Carmela Borst, Cintia Gonçalves, Daniel Miura, Erich Burger, Fabio Betti, Francisco Marques, Gil Giardelli, Guilherme Pereira, Gustavo Genari, Igor Marchesini, Juliana Schneider, Josh Jones, Julian Boulding, Leonardo Brant, Luciana Bazanella, Luna Gutierres, Margot, Hushcak, Nany Bilate, Nélio Bilate, Nina Campos, Nino da Silva, Otavio Dias, Patricia Marinho, Rafael Rossato, Regina Cantelle, Romeo Buzanello, Ricardo Young.


e-Book: “Reflexões sobre os Impactos da Pandemia na Sociedade”
88 pages
Free download:

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