Repensadores carry out lectures cycle

Repensadores carry out lectures cycle

There will be nine lectures in two days, with 25 professionals from different expertise areas.

OUT | 2014

There will be nine lectures in two days, with 25 professionals from different expertise areas.

The Repensadores Network is a group formed by professionals expert in different subjects and disciplines, but that are linked by similar values among them and have as objective to carry out innovative and changing projects.

In order to enable the discussion and the change of ideas, as well as the achievement and performance of collaborative projects, REPENSE agency carries out the project Olhares para o Futuro (Look at the Future), and between November 18th and 19th, presents lectures to the group, at Livraria da Vila, at Shopping JK Iguatemi.

At the first day, the event starts at 17h with the master of ceremony Marina Campos, followed by the introduction of the theme “Comunicação e Relacionamento: conectando marcas e pessoas” (Communication and Relationship: connecting brands and people), by the agency’s partners, Otavio Dias and Luna Gutierres.

Then, the group formed by Ana Carla Fonsenca, Leonardo Brant and Rafael Rossalto talks about the theme “Economia Criativa: fomentando negócios e cidadania” (Creative Economy: Fostering business and citizenship”. Right after, exploring a subject that makes part of one of the three REPENSE’s pillars, Ana Luísa de Castro and Margareth Goldenberg show how to align the speech and the practice when we talk about Corporative Reputation and Essence.  

At the termination of this lectures day, Beia Carvalho, Gil Giardelli and Alexandre Sayad highlight issues of extreme importance in the current scenario: the Content, Digital Medias and the New Generations. The cocktail at the end of the nigh terminates the activities and toasts the launch of the new Repensadores catalogue.   

At the second day of the event, the opening is carried out again by the master of ceremony, and who initiate the lectures is the team formed by Ana Lúcia Zambon, Letícia Abraham and Daniel Chagas, with the theme “Design, Moda e Comportamento: antecipando a inovação” (Design, Fashion and Behavior: anticipating the innovation”.  

Dr, Ana Escobar and Roberta Rivelino present a recurrent theme in the daily life: the health and welfare importance and a new view about quality of life. The engineer Ary Perez and Erich Burger propose to re-think the sustainability with issues about how to renew concepts and the already-existent practices. 

This lectures cycle account yet with the presence of Nelio Bilate, André Caldeira, and Vania Ferrari that bring a essential theme to the personal development: seek for a sense for life.

Lectures termination is under Vivian Fasca and Pio Borges responsibility, with the presentation about “FundRaising and Crowdsourcing”, and the special participation of Mara Mourão, filmmaker in charge for the documentary Quem se importa (Who cares), a movement that inspires people to change social, environmental, economic and politic realities.

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