Advertising during Coronavirus

Advertising during Coronavirus

by Alexandre Ravagnani

MAR | 2020

by Alexandre Ravagnani

Do you know that feeling of being in a dream? Those dreams that do not end, and you wake up, then sleep again, and keep dreaming? It looks like we are in one of those, the ones that we want to end soon. Except that in a dream, when the alarm goes off, we just sigh and realize that it was really a dream.

In our current reality, we do not have that option. It even seems like a dream, but we are wide-awake and aware of what may be coming our way. What brings us the will to live and optimism is that, thanks to technology, we are working and creating from home. We are all connected, we talk via video, audio or whatever and so we remain connected and united, even if at a distance. Without the current stage of connectivity, everything, really everything, would have stopped.

It comforts me to think about the brands we work for and how they could help the community, those in need and everyone who is at home waiting for the worst to pass.

I believe that nothing is by chance. To be immersed in this situation, there are minds and more minds working for some solution that can ease things. Families suddenly begin to live like families. They start eating their meals together, looking for what to do together. They talk more, laugh more and are stronger together. And initiatives around the world keep arising for everyone's comfort. From a world that everybody is thinking about themselves, suddenly they start to think more about the collective and about the whole. Nothing is occasional.

Imagine when the greatest pests in the world happened in the past, where there was no information, media, structured health and technology. It was just word of mouth taking and bringing information about the situation and there was not much to do but wait.

Waiting is also what we are doing. However, we are, more than anything, thinking about how to help and change. Brands are ready to put their plans into action without being opportunistic. This legacy should always be part of the brands and products and not only in this very critical moment, but I believe that this is the turning point for a new collective thinking. Collective thinking, being less selfish and looking others with more compassion.

This morning I came across a website called Reasons to Believe and that motivated me to write. I loved the initiative, but that alone is not enough. We advertisers have greater power in our hands. The power to convince and to do. The work that we always dreamed of is now in our hands. We already have the briefing. Art is inspired by life. Now it is time to get to work and think about how to make brands work for the population. To ease this moment and deliver something that has relevance.

Today, we are already took projects to two clients of our agency. Projects that were spread by word of mouth and that were passed on until reaching the chairmanship, by word of mouth as well. The coolest thing is that everyone wants the same because this time, everyone is going through the same deprivations and anxieties. Here, social difference definitely makes less difference, and suddenly we have a more of a united country and we want good things to happen.

Then, in a while, when we look back, we will realize that we did our part and that this prepared us a little better for life. I chose to be an advertiser because I know the power of communication and that it is my tool to leave some contribution in society. And let this be put into practice by everyone who can collaborate. We are not looking for any awards other than the gift of helping this moment to be overcome by more and more people.

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