Commitment is a decoy!

Commitment is a decoy!

by Nino da Silva, general media and BI manager at Repense

AGO | 2019

by Nino da Silva, general media and BI manager at Repense

It is 2019 and there is still advertisers whose eyes shines when they see a social media report talking about commitment. They are super elaborated reports, mega detailed, full of stylish terms (lift, engagement, reactions, etc.).

And about 17 customer marketing people schedule for a meeting with the agency team (and now there will be 28 people in the room) just to see slides going through their featured posts, one by one, with “the ones who committed the most", “the top 5”, “brand's digital health (?)”, etc., etc.

It's a festival of “likes volume x range / fan base size”, “likes + comments / range” or anything worth it, awareness and success, “half full x half empty”, learnings and next-steps ... phew. Done. 

It was amazing, the customer loved it and is happy and satisfied... let's have lunch at a wonderful Japanese restaurant, so delicious, near here?? 

It is 2019 and I remember seeing these freaks as early as 2011. Bu now we are about to turn the decade and we are still in the same mood.

For many agencies, this is serving the customer. And for many clients, this is being serviced by an agency.

If you are a Marketing Head or a VP who needs to respond to your commercial regarding ROI, if you are concerned with real brand recognition, purchase intent, monetization of your Media investment, attribution modeling, adoption rate, research, etc., you need to get to your team and see what the kids are up to.

What I described above happens all the time in the market (right now there are at least 14 meetings dealing with this).

Imagine if what they call "commitment" was just that...imagine the amount of brands rocking and standing out, leading movements or, as the bubble in our market likes to say, "appropriating a territory" ... at least 50 brands a month. Is that what you see? Which brand do you see being embraced and holding hands with an committed audience shouting its name, defending it, repeating its campaign message (not to mention the famous giants ... Do I want the small and medium day to day)? Give me at least 20 brands in this condition. 

Not to mention that the target generally sought by brands is the famous “both, AB, 18-34”. This universe is limited within each space.

Soif there are so many brands peaking with success and experiencing the pinnacle of commitment with each campaign, it also means that there are a lot of very committed people with about 10, 11, 15 brands at the same time, taking and spreading your message around the world ... right? 

Who is so unproductive? Where do these people walk and no one sees?

“Oh, Nino… but there is. There are people who are crazy about some brands and there are some brands that end up getting a nice rate of commitment ...”

Yes son, but that is the bubble's bubble ... so, in that case, my premise is still worth.

  • There are many people in agencies and advertisers gathering to fool themselves in public every day.

Stop wasting time!! Leave meetings full of pseudo-media scientists.

Keep your distance from the post-lovers, the "canvas-lovers", those people who can huddle over a post for hours and discuss it with passion, count the likes with pride, read each comment with the enthusiasm of a child, making you participate in this circus of other people's shame.

Do not confuse mere interactions with commitment. If it is not spontaneous, if it is not born from the initiative of real people without financial stimulus, it is not commitment. If you had to invest to get each like, comment and share, you just spent to interact on posts.

Want to do a good job? 

  • Before you start your campaign, hire two or three good listening/tracking tools to track your product or category before, during and after the campaign (ToraBit, SocialBakers, etc.); 
  • Add to thata good desk research effort and conversations with the market (vehicles) and draw a panorama of category insight.
  • On top of that, find the profiles of people who interact with the category (defenders, detractors, influencers, etc.). Study them, understand them, identify them on their journeys.
  • Prepare your baseto receive all possible information and data (browsing behavior, profiles, leads, etc.).
  • Build the media planon your client's business need. Believe me, even brand positioning campaigns (what they call branding) serve business purposes, as nothing and no investment in advertising should be done at random or on a whim. If it is not conversion performance, it is audience performance and going forward will serve the efforts to capture or induce buy/consume.
  • Validate assumptions, metrics and deliverables first of all and follow all the arrangements exactly - in the future, you will thank me for that tip.  
  • Do everything thinking about the business outcome. See media, analytics, social media, star chart metrics, everything, but focus on what matters

- in the business of the company. Where and how each thing contributes to an extensive value-assignment funnel that addresses the business that fits the customer's pocket.

  • If your clients asks you for something other than that, it is your role as an agency, as an expert, to explain that they are wrong and show them the best strategy.

Likes do not pay bills. Sales do.

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