Increasingly similar to the digital world, the traditional commercials are changing

FEV | 2016

Increasingly similar to the digital world, the traditional commercials are changing

The traditional model of TV advertising is changing, the advertising world is not inert to the changes that are occurring due to the current economic crisis. What is observed is the growth of campaigns with direct marketing, seeking conversion and performance, in other words, the new commercial seek a specific reaction from viewers.

According to Vivian Fasca, Director of new business and planning at Repense - Rio de Janeiro, two advertising models are highlighted currently. The first, already established in the United States, is the direct response commercial (Direct Response TV - DRTV), known for making some sort of request to the viewer, like to buy insurance or product. "This model is widely used by companies in the third sector, retail and finance. A successful example is the fundraising campaigns, in which organizations seek to sensitize donors to collaborate with monthly amounts in cash, which are reversed for projects and causes", said Vivian.

With a very different language from commercials focused on branding and product campaigns, DRTVs are longer duration commercials, typically with 1 or 2 minutes to allow to tell a story to the viewer, creating a narrative that involves and convince them to do something. It is precisely the possibility of using a more extensive argumentation which leverages the results of this type of commercial.

The other trend is the growth of campaigns using TV media, either Open TV or paid TV in a similar format to that used by digital media. Using the traditional pattern of Brazilian commercials with 15-30 seconds, with strong technology support, this model is also directed to a response channel, but in this case, the goal is to increase traffic on websites, usually the company's, as of the commercial placement.

Measuring Results

In common, these two models have the need to get results showing that the media investment was justified. Leaving the scene the traditional metrics of advertising market, such as coverage, reach and frequency and arrives specific metrics of each business category, which allow to judge whether the campaign in certain TV station was worth it.

DRTV campaigns have the measurement bias over the responses, allowing assessment of ROI (Return on Investment) by comparing the net revenues generated from the campaign versus the media investment. In the second model, however, the metrics used are usually another, exit ROI and enter ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Original from the digital universe, ROAS assesses whether the revenue generated by TV commercials offsets the media costs.

In both types of campaigns, tracking of results is what guides the strategy and media planning, the results obtained from the placement is what will drive future investments. Campaigns are optimized for during placement, in a model that differs from the standard placement, which uses recall researches after the placement period to assess whether the impacted public paid attention to the message conveyed.

Integration with digital media

Parallel to all this begins to emerge tools in order to create synergy between TV campaigns and digital campaigns. These tools allow the placement of digital campaigns, either Display Media, Search, Facebook Ads, among others, synchronized in real time with the placement of TV commercials. It is a model in use in the United States and Europe, now available in Brazil, and that has proven effective to enhance the results of digital campaigns.

According to Vivian, with a market driven by results, these new campaign models tend to occupy more and more space in the Brazilian advertising market. "You have to prove that the investments gave return to move on. And to give return means getting consumer's or donor's response. It is a logic that already prevails in the performance campaigns in digital media, and which now comes strong to TV", concludes the executive.

About Repense

About to complete nine years, with 120 employees distributed in 3 offices, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, Repense is an agency that has in its DNA the purpose to integrate communication, business and causes to optimize results and change the world. Repense builds authentic and memorable brands, creates bonds between brands and people, generates tangible results for clients and positive impact on society. It is also creator of Repensadores Network, which includes professionals from different specialties who pursue innovation and contribute to human and corporate development, and Think and Love movement, the largest donation portal in Brazil that aims to give visibility and contribute to fundraising to major NGOs in the country.

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