We believe that everything that can be measured can also be improved. REPENSE Data & Performance contributes at strategic level, planning the best use of media and data for your business, as well as tactically and operationally, providing the necessary services in order to turn the concepts of Big Data and the fundamentals of e-CRM into reality in your everyday business, making a difference to the outcome of your campaigns and your business as a whole.


A good media strategy includes research, crosschecking and data analysis, insights, in-depth study of the target and its daily journey, and technically grounded vehicle recommendations.

  • Segment analysis
  • Study of target and personas
  • Vehicle assessment
  • Channel recommendation
  • Study of formats
  • Financial year
  • Flowcharts
  • Data management


The effectiveness of a Media effort depends on its management. We are talking about organizing and arranging information from different sources for intuitive reading that favors the interpretation and sharing of data.

  • Research
  • Data reading
  • Scenario analysis
  • Crosschecking of information
  • Sharing data
  • Delivery timeline
  • Online dashboards
  • Optimization schedule


Schedule the fixed deliveries of your campaigns, automating processes, managing your relationship rule, and optimizing results and reporting is essential to managing multiple communication processes.

  • Goal set-up
  • Validation of KPIs
  • Channel integration
  • Collect, foster and manage leads
  • Analysis and release of parts
  • Campaign tracking
  • Real-time interaction
  • Online dashboard


Between data, projections and algorithms, we have to separate the “noise” from the relevant information. Correctly interpret paths and trends to bring the result that really matters to the client's business.

  • Implementation and tag management
  • Desktop and Mobile data interpretation
  • Traffic and navigation
  • Google analytics
  • Social & Display Ads
  • Tracking
  • Dashboard


In a world where the Internet is already part of people's daily lives, Search Engine Optimization positions your brand, makes it visible to those who matter and monetizes your investment.

  • Planning
  • Content ruler
  • Link building
  • Positioning
  • Ranking
  • Findability
  • Traffic generation and analysis
  • Acquisition of organic lead


Engagement, interaction, proximity. These are just some of the results of a good job of Inbound Marketing. With a consistent and linear content strategy, we can create and develop strong, long-term relationships.

  • Diagnosis
  • Channel analysis
  • Study of personas
  • Definition of guidelines
  • Landing page production
  • Collect, foster and manage leads
  • Relationship
  • Tracking


Manage and optimize your relationship with customers and prospects, working with information integrated into a real-time managed, powered database. This is one of the key benefits of digital CRM.

  • SAC 2.0
  • Crisis management
  • Base treatment
  • Systems integration
  • Sales funnel
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Real time report


Cause promotion, social mobilization, traffic generation by interest. Within these pillars, influence marketing is gaining increasing importance in brand communication and endorsement strategies.

  • Segment analysis
  • Target mapping
  • Celebrity-score
  • Macro influencers
  • Micro influencers
  • Content
  • Tracking
  • Report


Regardless of its scale, every online store needs to efficiently manage traffic and acquisition funnel, shortening the path to conversion and monetizing the investment.

  • Platform management
  • Funnel design
  • Ads planning
  • A/B/C Tests
  • Remarketing and assisted conversion
  • Lifecycle management
  • ROI lead generation and recovery

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